Splatter knit
Frida sent me this picture of her wearing the breast puke sweater I made for her.
Now I’m gathering together pictures of the people wearing the clothes that they own and I made. All of the pictures I have got are kept in this album, at least before I make a real homepage.
My summer work container and favorite place to be.
Antonía Lárusdóttir wearing her knitted puke scarf I made for her in an exchange for photo shooting Hljómsveitt 
The back of the summer puke sweater
A drawing I made last year in a workshop called “hybrid drawing”
One Really fun project, a wedding jumpsuit! And this is the bride, Salka, ready for her wedding last friday.
The jumpsuit it self is machine knitted, the eyes are hand embroidered and the colors hand knitted. 

Photographer: Antonía Lárusdóttir
The top part of the wedding jumpsuit I made for a wedding last friday. Pictures of the bride will come in later!
Summer puke